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Striking.ly – Conquer the World with Just One Page

Striking.ly is a service to create single page websites. Striking.ly is bringing this simple yet unconventional format to everyone. Having a standalone web presence is necessary for your portfolio and your business. Existing formats of showcasing your work are either too old fashioned or too complex. A one page website preserves the clarity of a slideshow while benefiting from the beauty and accessibility of the web. They have made it extremely easy for anyone to create a single page website: no coding or design experience required, and all for free.

Venture Slogan: Conquer the World with Just One Page

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Cloudjoit.com – Get a Professional Custom Business Website

Cloudjolt.com help businesses and professionals get the online presence they need to succeed. They take the pain out of hassling with outsourcers and freelancers and let you get back to what’s most important to your business, your customers. You no longer have to be tech savvy to build your dream business website!

Your website is the one of the first things potential customers and clients will see when they are considering doing business with you. Cloudjolt will supply you with a website that will communicate your company is credible, trustworthy, and professional. It should reflect who your company is and what it strives to become. We make this process incredibly simple and affordable for our clients.

Venture Slogan: Get a Professional Custom Business Website

Venture Link: cloudjoit.com

Source: Venturebin.com

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