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CodePorting.com – Code Porting and Migration in the Cloud


CodePorting.com allows migrating your .NET solutions, projects and files into Java in the cloud. You can easily port your C# code directly or import from popular version control repositories like GIT, Mercurial HG and SubVersion. CodePorting.com also allows you to download a Microsoft Visual Studio plugin and convert C# code in the real time without leaving the development environment.

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Gliider – Plan your trip



Gliider is a FireFox plugin that helps you bookmark all of the interesting stuff that you see when your are planning the trip. You need to download and install the plugin in your browser and sign in a Gliinder, then when your are searching the internet and browsing to plan your next trip just highlight whatever you want and drag it into Gliinder. Build in Gliider your trip plans. Also, Gliinder brings you deals related to what you are interested in.

Venture Slogan: Plan funner trips.

GliiderĀ“s own description: “…Gliider is a digital file that lets you hold on to all of the interesting stuff you come across when you’re researching and planning a trip. Find a cool hotel you don’t want to forget about? See a great restaurant you want to try? No matter what website you’re on, just highlight whatever you want with your mouse and drag it into your gliider. Photos, text, whatever!…”

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