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Zenound.com – Changing the way you experience music

Zenound.com creates a service that could centralize all the aspects of listening and discovering music. No more keeping track of tons of music blogs, downloading tons of music from different sources, or doing extended research into new music. The goal is to have it all in one place. Listen to your favorite music. Users can submit new songs and keep track of new releases of their favorite artists. Create playlists and smart playlists, see playlists that your friends have created, and more.

Venture Slogan: Changing the way you experience music

Venture Link: Zenound.com

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Tubeplayer.net – Listen to Only the Best Social Videos

tubeplayer.netTubeplayer.net automatically organizes the most popular social videos through many social signals and assigns weights to each video. Type in an artist and the software auto generates playlists based upon social quality and auto plays them. Then personalize the playlist by liking or disliking each video.

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