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Tubeplayer.net – Listen to Only the Best Social Videos

tubeplayer.netTubeplayer.net automatically organizes the most popular social videos through many social signals and assigns weights to each video. Type in an artist and the software auto generates playlists based upon social quality and auto plays them. Then personalize the playlist by liking or disliking each video.

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Fantazzle – Fantasy Baseball Games

fantasy basball games

Fantazzle is a site that gives you the possibilty of playing fantasy baseball games. You can play  fantasy baseball games with the community daily or weekly.

Venture Slogan: Weekly fantasy games.

Fantazzle’s own description: “…At Fantazzle you can play fantasy baseball every day of the week. Test your knowledge on the offensive side of fantasy baseball in daily fantasy baseball games and weekly fantasy baseball games. For our Fantasy Baseball Challenge Game, pick a team and score the most fantasy baseball points to win. It’s as simple as that. There is no salary cap. We credit cash prizes immediately at the end of each of our fantasy baseball games…”
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