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Instacanv.as – Instagram Artist Marketplace

Instacanv.as is a marketplace allowing users to buy and sell Instagram photos as beautiful physical art pieces. Instacanv.as currently power tens of thousands of galleries in over 30 countries. They have grand visions for empowering photographers and artists across the world and changing the way people everywhere discover and purchase beautiful design objects.

Venture Slogan: Instagram Artist Marketplace

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ShootProof.com – Upload. Share. Sell.

Shootproof.com is online photo proofing software for professional photographers to share and sell photos online. Shootproof.com provides sleek, professional photography galleries for photographers to showcase their photos to customers. Clients can view, share, and order their photos online. Photographers are charged a low monthly fee based on the number of photos online at any given time and are not charged a commission on their photo sales.

Shootproof.com provides photographers with the best online proofing service for their customers. Complete with a customized studio control panel, easy photo uploading, beautiful viewing experience, and PayPal or merchant account connection, you’ll be set up for sales and can focus on taking pictures.

Venture Slogan: Upload. Share. Sell.

Venture Link: shootproof.com

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