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Sent.ly – Local phones. Global Reach.

Sent.ly lets merchants set up a localized SMS gateway on their Android phones. Setting up a Sent.ly account to sending the first SMS using the simple HTTP API takes less than 5 minutes. Sent.ly also allows for SMS replies that can be handled automagically – allowing for full customer interactivity. Expanding operations – no sweat, just add more phones as needed, and Sent.ly scales up.”

Small-scale e-commerce operators have not had a reliable and scalable means of interacting with their customer base. SMS is the medium of choice given the “greater-than-100%” mobile penetration everywhere in the world. Existing solutions involve using SMS gateway providers, but these usually come with set usage quotas and are specific to a country / region. These solutions need to be re-worked when operations expand to other countries and do not provide SMS local reply capability without minimum usage quotas.

Venture Slogan: Local phones. Global Reach.

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Bizmore – The small business answer community



Bizmore is a communtiy that helps small companies with a question and answer platform. It´s a site where you can find professional advisors on different topics. If you have a question about business strategies, HR, Finance, Sales, Operations or Marketing you only need to post it and wait for the answer.

Venture Slogan: Advice for business.

Bizmore´s own description: “…Bizmore is an online business advice community that helps people build their businesses and succeed in their careers. Whether you work at a startup, a small business or a large corporation, you can quickly find practical answers to your business questions from peers and industry experts…”

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