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Nomaine – The domain name generator


Nomaine is an interesting tool that creates random pronounceable domain names. It´s a service that helps you find your next domain name for your new project. Also, Nomaine tells you whether mane is avaliable or not.

Venture Slogan: Themed domain name generator.

Nomaine’s own description: “…Nomaine is a fun and simple themed domain name generator. After analysis, word parts from lists are rearranged to create random pronounceable names…”
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NameBee – Domain blog aggregator



NameBee is a blog that aggregates news from different sources in the domain name industry. If you need to stay in tune with the domain news, NameBee is an alternative. NamBee has a set of tools like: personalized history, my custom feeds, blocked feeds and saved articles.

Venture Slogan: Your domain name news portal.

NameBee’s own description: “…NameBee.com was developed for one particular purpose: Provide a fast and efficient way of delivering domain name news to users while providing complete flexibility and customization at the individual user level. Our goal is to eliminate countless hours most internet users spend surfing around to many different blogs to read new postings . . . and provide information in one centralized location for fast and easy consumption. Continue reading

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