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Magofun – Fake magazine covers with your picture


Magofun is a simple solution to make fake magazine pictures with your picture. It´s an interesting service just for fun. You can choose designs from several magazine cover to add your picture. Share your latest interviews with your friends.

Venture Slogan: Magofun.

Magofun’s own description: “…Fake magazine covers with your picture. Perfect for posting on Orkut, MySpace, Facebook, Friendster, Twitter and other social networks…”

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Toobla – Collect and share your favorite web stuff



Toobla is a simple solution that helps you collect your favorite stuff on the web. Easily share your collections with your friends. With Toobla, you can create your own mush ups by putting multiple things into a single widget. Share your stuff in the easy way.

Venture Slogan: Toobla.

Toobla´s own description: “Collect and enjoy your favorite stuff in visual containers that can be shared anywhere. Toobla lets you easily collect, enjoy and share visual bookmarks to websites and other embeddable content (i.e. widgets like YouTube or other videos, photos, documents, games and widget applications)…”

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