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Venueseen.com – Take Control of Your Digital Word of Mouth

Venueseen.com helps you discover the photos your customers are posting on Instagram, Foursquare, etc. If you run a physical location, knowing what’s going on in and around it is good for business. Now all those details – good and bad – are being shared online. From coffee shops and restaurants … to attractions and retail locations – photos, check-ins and online comments are forming your social identity. With VenueSeen, you can be “in the know.” How are people using social media to share their experiences at your business with their friends/followers? We’ll show you and help you tap into customers’ existing passion, loyalty and excitement.

Venture Slogan: Take Control of Your Digital Word of Mouth

Venture Link: venueseen.com

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Nextbee – Word of mouth marketing



Nextbee is a solution that manages and organizes the word of mouth marketing. You can define incentives for referring your product and then track the social conversations to give rewards. Nextbee is an interesting solution to manage the social marketing.

Venture Slogan: More Referrals – Better Conversions.

Nextbee’s own description: “…Make word of mouth marketing work for you.

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