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Smak.ly – Bloggers social community


Smakl.y is a solution to get more traffic in your blog. It´s a community of bloggers that shares their content through a widget. Add your blog to the network and get some link “love”.

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Smak.ly’s own description: “…Smak.ly is a social community for bloggers to share their content with the world through our social widgets. By bloggers joining our network, we help them build more traffic, revenue, and authority on the web. Our primary focus is working with publishers in the entertainment, women and fashion industry; by specializing in that niche we became very knowledgeable as to what the needs of our publishers are…”

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Scrumedge – Manage Scrum Developments



Scrumedge is a web based solution to manage your projects using the Scrum model. If you are using the agile methodology, Scrumedge helps you track the project. Self-organize around sprint goals to maximize velocity and track your sprint burndowns, budget burns and your burn rate.

Venture Slogan: Scrumedge.

Scrumedge´s own description: “…ScrumEdge is a collaborative tool that allows teams, ScrumMasters, and stakeholders to manage the Scrum lifecycle at the product and sprint levels. In the service industry your hours are your inventory. Lose track of them — they spoil. ScrumEdge gives you the information you need, when you need it. Nail your mark, every time…”

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