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Zkatter – Microbbloging live media


Zkatter is an interesting solution to share your experiences with your friends or with the all world. It´s a solution to broadcast live media and include your location. Share your moments and experiences with whatever you want.

Venture Slogan: Locate. Broadcast. Discover.

Zkatter´s own description: “…Zkatter provides you with a tool to answer a very simple question: ‘What do you see?’

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Ubernote – Keep your knowledge accessible



Ubernote is a web application aiming at helping manage your content online. It´s a solution to manage your knowledge and store it over the net. You can have access to your content from anywhere and anytime. With Ubernote you can store task lists, contacts, bookmarks, passwords and documents.

Venture Slogan: Never forgets!

Ubernote´s own description: “…UberNote is a knowledge management tool enabling you to quickly store and access your content from anywhere. Easily submit notes using email, IM, and mobile devices or clip web content with the browser toolbar. With UberNote you can instantly access your notes and benefit from your own knowledge…”

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