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Okcupid.com – Free Online Dating

Okcupid.com is the fastest-growing online dating site. Okcupid.com uses math to get you dates. It’s extremely accurate, as long as (a) you’re honest, and (b) you know what you want. Most other matching sites are just glorified personals services; their “matching” systems are nonexistent or overly subjective.

Venture Slogan: Free Online Dating

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Hookwink.com – Meet your Date Through Your Friends

Hookwink.com bridges matchmaking and social connections into the next evolution of online dating by allowing you to meet your future love interest the old school way: through your friends! Get your friends to hook you up by playing our fun and addictive matchmaking game! Login now to see who your friends have already matched you up with, or play the game and help your single friends out.

Venture Slogan: Meet your Date Through Your Friends

Venture Link: hookwink.com

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