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Mural.ly – A Place to Grow Ideas Togheter

Mural.ly is a flexible web app that aggregates media and files ideal for group ideation and visual sharing. Mural.ly let you map content in one big space. Collect content from multiple places to provide meaning. Collaborate in groups. Share the space and let others create with you. Show your idea. Use a zoomable interface to see the detail the big picture.

Venture Slogan: A Place to Grow Ideas Togheter

Venture Link: mural.ly

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Groupmap.com.au – Real time, collaborative brainstorming with a twist

Groupmap.com.au provides a new and novel approach to collaborative brainstorming, rather than have each participant editing the same document Groupmap.com.au allows each participant to capture their own ideas around the topic, and automatically stitches together each participants view to reveal the group’s perspective. Ideas are suggested between participants to measure their level of support and allow similar ideas to be combined. Due to this unique approach, Groupmap.com.au scales to hundreds of users all engaging in a single brainstorming exercise at the same time. Groupmap.com.au is currently in public beta and free to use.

Venture Slogan: Real time, collaborative brainstorming with a twist

Venture Link: groupmap.com.au

Source: Venturebin.com

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