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Twextra – Use More than 140 Characters

use more than 140 characters

use more than 140 caracters

Twextra is a solution then you need to use more than 140 characters on Twitter or Linkedin. With Twextra you can create messages of up to 100,000. characters with rich text. Also, you can traslate your message into many languages.

Venture Slogan: When You Need More Than 140 Characters.

Twextra’s own description: “…Ever wish you could write a message longer than 140 characters on Twitter or Linkedin? Well, that’s exactly what Twextra enables, plus much more. Take a look at Twextra’s features: Super-size – With Twextra you can create huge messages of up to 100,000 characters. Rich-text – Create messages with formatting such as bold, italic, underline, colored-text, etc Language translation – Readers of your messages can translate your message into many other languages. This is great for when your readers span multiple countries…” Continue reading

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Lingt – Learning foreign languages


Lingt is a service that helps you learn foreign languages. At this moment, the service is only available in Chinese.

Venture Slogan: A new way to learn a language.

Lingt´s own description: “…Lingt helps people learn the massive number of vocabulary terms required for basic competency in a foreign language. We think the biggest problem with learning a new language is simply giving up, so we’ve built something that we think makes learning more compelling…”

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