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Tinkrbox – Collect and share your favorite stuff easily


Tinkrbox is a solution that helps you bundle your online favorite links for easy sharing. Create different boxes with websites, videos, images, flash games and documents and share only one link.

Venture Slogan: Tinkrbox.

Tinkrbox’s own description:
“…Tinkrbox makes sense of internet hyperlinks by converting links to actual content so you can access the content right in your Tinkrbox. Looking back in time, internet links give you one piece of information per link. Today, Tinkrbox allows you to put together different types of media; allowing you to simultaneously see, hear and read on your interested topic…”

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Clouding.me – Store files in the cloud



Clouding.me is a site aiming at bringing you the possibility of storing files in internet. It´s a storage application for your media files, videos, pics and mp3’s. You can upload the file and use it anytime anywhere with an internet connection. You can download or stream your files. Also, Clouding.me has a feature to view your media from your iPhone.

Venture Slogan: Clouding.me

Clouding.me´s own description: “…upload your media files, upload your favorite videos, mp3 and pictures in three steps. Anytime, anywhere, watch your videos, listen yout music and view your photos…”

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