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Hudki.com – A Search Engine for Cars and Properties

Hudki.com is a search tool that allows you to search precisely for your need. Imagine a search “looking for a second hand car of brand Ford, Hyundai, Maruti and car type Sedan, within a price range of 2-5 lacs, not older than 5 years”. Hudki will contine the search till the need is met. You will be informed of any new cars that come into the market and meets your requirement.

Hudki.com will search across all the major car and property sites for you. Hudki.com will keep you informed of any new car or property that meets your need, when they come up on any of the sites. You can “star” interesting cars and properties, create notes against them for future reference and more. You can organize and track all your searches any time.

Venture Slogan: A Search Engine for Cars and Properties

Venture Link: hudki.com

Source: Venturebin.com

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