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Delight.io – Easiest Way to Capture Real User Interaction on Your Apps

Delight.io enlightens developers and designers on how their users interact with their iOS applications. We seamlessly record your application screen and automatically capture all gestures. These recordings are then uploaded in the background to our server for viewing and sharing.

One line integration is all you need. Since we record the screen directly, there is no code change required as you iterate on UI design. Web dashboard. You control how many user sessions to be recorded thru our dashboard. You have the option to enable Delight on WiFi connection only. Custom properties. Add application specific properties to the recorded sessions easily with setPropertyValue:forKey: and then search sessions by custom propteries on our dashboard.

Private views, to add views with sensitive information to private views and no pixel nor gesture will be transmitted to our server. No special viewer. Delight iOS framework automaticallly set secure UITextField as private view and hide keystrokes. Recorded sessions can be viewed by HTML5 web browsers supporting H.264.

Venture Slogan: Easiest Way to Capture Real User Interaction on Your Apps

Venture Link: delight.io

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Malinkoapp.com – Organise Today, Plan for Tomorrow

Malinkoapp.com is a powerful yet easy to use Job Scheduling system, combined with CRM database its easy for small business to manage day to day staff schedules. Malinko holds customer information so it understands where your staff need to be, making the process more efficient while saving time that could be used for more important matters.

Malinkoapp.com is no typical Scheduling system, as it integrates with TomTom and offers powerful reporting that are only available on more expensive alternatives.

The integration with TomTom provides users with way to manage their fleets of vehicles and staff out on the road, send, receive, accept and complete new jobs all remotely and Malinko will record it all for you.

Venture Slogan: Organise Today, Plan for Tomorrow

Venture Link: malinkoapp.com

Source: Venturebin.com

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