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Animoto.com – Video Slideshow Maker with Music

Animoto.com is a video creation service (online and mobile) that makes it easy and fun for anyone to create and share extraordinary videos using their own pictures, video clips, words and music. Animoto.com was founded with the vision of inspiring people to share their lives through the magic and power of video. Simply to use; upload your pictures and video clips, choose your style, add words and music, and click the “produce video” button.

Venture Slogan: Video Slideshow Maker with Music

Venture Link: Animoto.com

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Rekiosk.com – Sell What you Love

Rekiosk.com is a network of user-curated digital storefronts where anyone can sell music, books, and other digital files, of their own designs or of someone else’s. Rekiosk.com want to recapture the personal, independent, and knowledgeable experience of visiting a corner record shop or local bookstore, and bring it to the online world.

Venture Slogan: Sell What you Love

Venture Link: rekiosk.com

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