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Everyme.com – The Private Social Network

Everyme.com is the fastest, simplest, and most private social networking app, available on your favorite phones and on the web. Once you get started with Everyme.com, you’ll find it transformative. Thousands of people rely on Everyme.com to share intimate moments, stories, and ideas with their friends, families, and communities. Set up a family Circle and be in touch with your parents, your kids, or your siblings. Set up a Circle for your best friends so you can gossip about all the latest happenings in your life, no matter where your friends live. Set up a Circle for your coworkers to share plans and communicate effectively.

Venture Slogan: The Private Social Network

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Mural.ly – A Place to Grow Ideas Togheter

Mural.ly is a flexible web app that aggregates media and files ideal for group ideation and visual sharing. Mural.ly let you map content in one big space. Collect content from multiple places to provide meaning. Collaborate in groups. Share the space and let others create with you. Show your idea. Use a zoomable interface to see the detail the big picture.

Venture Slogan: A Place to Grow Ideas Togheter

Venture Link: mural.ly

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