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Cheezburger – Your LOL things


Cheezburger is the place to keep and share your LOL things. It´s a site network for your funny stuff. You can upload your funny pictures and share them with the world.

Venture Slogan: All your funny in one place.

Cheezburger’s own description: “…cheezburger.com is your lol caption and funny picture creations. Share and laff freely!…”
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Lunch – Share your opinion



Lunch is a site that lets you share your opinions about almost anything. It´s a social network to share your opinions and search for other opinions. You can share your interests about people, places, products, media, events, ideas and whatever you want. Lunch is an opinion community in which that you can find and write reviews about almost anything.

Venture Slogan: Feed your curiosity.

Lunch’s own description: “…Lunch is the place where you can share your opinions about almost anything. You can review people, places, products, media (photos, video, and audio), creative work (original writing and artwork), and even events and ideas. We give you the tools to express your likes, loves, and loathes in a thoughtful review and in turn, connect you to people who share your interests…”

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