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Sharedo.com – The World is Sharing

Sharendo.com offers all the common tasks of a classifieds network, mixed with a more social networking approach: it is exclusively based on sharing. Here you can make new friends who are seeking or offering shared houses or shared rooms, couchsurfing, carsharing, house swap, shared trips, group travels, jobs patnerships, a companion or investor for a business or a new project. Possibilities are endless and there is really no limit to what you can share with Sharendo: as a rule, we only ask our users their reciprocal benefits, trust and respect.

Sharendo.com is not another classifieds website, but a place for sharing. Roommates and shared housing, couchsurfing, carsharing, house swap, shared trips, group travels, partnerships for jobs, projects or business, and much more. Possibilities are endless, you just have to be shareful.

Venture Slogan: The World is Sharing

Venture Link: sharedo.com

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Rentmineonline – multifamily referral tool



Rentmineonline is an online multifamily referral tool. Property managers can develop one referral program and distribute it across social networks. You can reward the participation of the residents providing money for their referrals. Rentmineonline helps you refer your property with the power of social networks.

Venture Slogan: Powering referrals across social networks.

RentmineonlineĀ“s own description: “…RentMineOnline is the leading multifamily online resident referral tool. RentMineOnline brings existing resident referral programs online and enables residents to make referrals by harnessing the power of social networks. It is simple to launch your online Referral Program. Simply post your property, create a campaign, upload emails and launch!…”

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