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Prettygraph – Graph your data


Prettygraph is a web based solution that helps you graph your data. It´s a service in which you can develop graphs and charts in an easy way. Prettygraph shows your data as a professional.

Venture Slogan: Make your data sing.

Prettygraph’s own description: “…Pretty Graph is a web-based software for making graphs and charts quickly and easily. We want to help you turn boring numbers into pretty pictures within minutes…”

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Metricly – Your information dashboard



Metricly is a great solution to track all your information in real time. It´s a solution to create easy to use dashboards and to see your information from Quickbooks, Google Analytics, Salesforce and many more services. Real time dashboards from multiple sources.

Venture Slogan: Real time dashboads for every business.

Metricly’s own description: “…Metricly helps you track your key metrics and better understand your business. Automatically see all of your data —

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