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Dotgov – The mobile government


Dotgov is a developing mobile platform that offers the posibility to give information about your city government news. It´s a mobile app for local government to gives citizens access to city & county services and information.

Venture Slogan: Put your government in your pocket.

Dotgov’s own description: “…DotGov, Inc. is a new Gov 2.0 start-up company. We are developing a Mobile Platform that will rock your city!The cities of Arvada, Geneva, Manor, Rockwall and Mecklenburg County have teamed up with DotGov, Inc. to participate in a unique innovation project. The goal of the project is to develop a Mobile App for local government, which will offer citizens mobile access to city & county services and information…”

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Politwitter.ca – The political tweet aggregator



Politwitter.ca is a Twitter stream aggregator about Canadian political information. It´s an interesting idea to develop other services with the same concept. With Politwitter.ca you can track tweets by partisan party affiliation, province, MPs and more

Venture Slogan: Canadian Political Tweets.

Politwitter.ca’s own description: “…poliTwitter.ca is a fun new way to utilize twitter to stay on top of the latest in Canadian politics. From one easy location keep track of what your politicians are saying and doing and what regular Canadians have to say about current politics…”

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