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Munchery.com – Gourmet Delivered to Everyone

Munchery.com mission is to bring the personal chef experience to everyone. Eating delicious and healthy food from a personal chef shouldn’t be a luxury or dream. Instead, we’re reinventing things through an online marketplace where you can purchase meals prepared daily by chefs and have it delivered for that night. Munchery’s kitchen is constantly invigorated with new entrees, sides, and desserts from a diverse array of cuisines using fresh ingredients (local and organic when possible). It’s like having your own team of chefs.

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Gourmetiz.com – Gourmet is Gourmetiz

Gourmetiz.com sells artisan food products from European producers to European customers. Being a foodie is much more than a question of taste buds; it’s about sharing other values such as respecting the environment, supporting local farmers, sustainable development and the discovery of cultural specialties. Gourmetiz.com believe in the promotion of these ideals should be affordable to all and for this reason we put producers and customers into direct contact. There is no intermediary, so the prices are kept as low as possible while securing quality produce remains our fundamental goal.

Venture Slogan: Gourmet is Gourmetiz

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