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Cheezburger – Your LOL things


Cheezburger is the place to keep and share your LOL things. It´s a site network for your funny stuff. You can upload your funny pictures and share them with the world.

Venture Slogan: All your funny in one place.

Cheezburger’s own description: “…cheezburger.com is your lol caption and funny picture creations. Share and laff freely!…”
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Jokepants – The place to laugh


Jokepants is a site to share and comment jokes and funny stuff. Jokepantes is the place to collect and share your great jokes.

Venture Slogan: Laugh. Comment. Share.

Jokepants’s own description: “…Jokepants.com, the best place on the net to share, comment and most importantly have a laugh! Everyone needs a good laugh once in a while, so now there’s Jokepants.com…” Continue reading

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