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Globacy – Freelance job search engine


Globacy is a search engine focused only on freelance jobs. The service is still in beta but shows a great potential.

Venture Slogan: Globacy.

Globacy’s own description: “…Globacy is a search engine for freelance jobs. We are in beta but feel free to try our service below…” Continue reading

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Freelanceradar – The freelance job aggregator



Freelanceradar is a service that aggregates freelance jobs from other sites. It´s a front end that shows you information about new post and projects from different freelance jobs.

Venture Slogan: Intercepting signals in the freelance world.

Freelanceradar’s own description: “…Until about ten years ago, there was a kind of stigma attached with the word ‘outsourcing’. People were of the impression that outsourced work equates with substandard work which means a loss in market credibility for the business…”

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