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Bizeebee.com – Memberships Made Easy

BizeeBee.com’s mission is to help fitness studios and other membership based businesses across the world grow their business. Bizeebee.com offer a simple product that mindfully makes you more money, keeps your customers coming back, and cuts down on the need for expensive equipment. BizeeBee.com also has a number of partnerships with graphic designers, bloggers, business coaches, accountants, and other business professionals, who work with BizeeBee to develop educational content and services such as webinars.

Venture Slogan: Memberships Made Easy

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Bodylog.com – Transform Your Body & See Change Happen

Bodylog.com is a new website and mobile app that tracks the most motivational fitness metric of all, “How do I look in the mirror?” By uploading and comparing photos over time, users create a visual journal of their fitness progress. Whether the goal is to lose weight, build muscle, or tone certain parts of the body, side-by-side photos makes it easy to see how your body has transformed.

Users can find and follow others with similar goals and see what’s working for others. Profiles can be kept private or can be made public in order to receive support and recognition from the BodyLog community.To make the user experience as good as possible, BodyLog is free of charge and has zero ads!

Venture Slogan: Transform Your Body & See Change Happen

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