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Startupbidder.com – Getting Startups Funded

Startupbidder.com is the way that any entrepreneur worldwide can place their startup and businessplan online and get instant feedback, commentary, and bids from interested investors. Investors liktewise can view the gamut of startup offerings around the world, all in one place, and make a bid for investment in the company. Those more of the armchair-quarterback variety can sit back, ask questions, make comments, and see how the startup progresses. Startupbidder.com is the brave new world of startup financing.

Venture Slogan: Getting Startups Funded

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Musthavescore.com – An Easy Way to Understand Your Product Feedback

Musthavescore.com is a service that helps technology companies understand their “Must Have” use cases and leverage them to drive authentic growth.Developers rarely know how users will react to their innovations, as Steve Jobs once suggested when he said “A lot of times, people don’t know what they want until you show it to them.” Our unique process determines how products and services are actually being used (use cases) and the value users are receiving while using them in those ways (“Must Have” score).

A “Must Have” score provides an easy way to understand the feedback of those who have used your product. It is based on the percentage of users that would be very disappointed if they could no longer use your product. After comparing numbers across hundreds of innovative technology products, we’ve determined that the minimum target Must Have Score is 40. The failure of businesses that have reached this benchmark to grow within their relevant markets is generally a marketing problem, rather than a product problem.

MustHaveScore.com provides a free, fully automated service to help you determine your Must Have Score and Must Have Use Cases. Your analysis starts when you embed the 1-Minute Feedback Widget.

Venture Slogan: An Easy Way to Understand Your Product Feedback

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