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Limk.com – The Intelligent Social Feed

Limk.com cuts through the web noise intelligently by checking the social graph of every single user, and incentivizes them by giving credits to their actions which they can redeem for related goodies, deals. Limk.com cuts through the web noise and offer related deals or goodies.

Venture Slogan: The Intelligent Social Feed

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Rolio.com – Simple Surfing

Rolio.com is a free web application that aggregates real-time content from your favorite websites, including Facebook and Twitter, into one visual interface, eliminating the need for multiple browser windows. Choose from thousands of websites worldwide, and add RSS for anything we don’t cover. Connection of your social media accounts allows content from your Facebook news feed and Twitter timeline to be seamlessly integrated with content from whichever websites you choose.

Venture Slogan: Simple Surfing

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