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Zootool – Bookmark your favorite stuff


Zootool is a service that collects, organizes and shares your favorite images, videos, links and documents. Share and organize your favorite digital stuff.

Venture Slogan: The most awesome way to bookmark.

Zootool’s own description: “…Zootool is about collecting, organizing and sharing your favorite images, videos, documents and links from all over the internet. Connect your Zoo with Twitter, Tumblr, Delicious or Friendfeed and share the latest buzz with your friends out there. Install our glorious bookmarklet and start collecting your favourite stuff in seconds. It’s super easy and incredibly fast!…”

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Supernova – The indie music social network



Supernova is a social network centered on music and showing new bands to the world. It´s the front end to expose your music and to get new fans. Users of Supernova can share their favorite music and videos, also vote for a band to bring it up in the music ranking.

Venture Slogan: Supernova.

Supernova’s own description: “…We help indie bands grow from garage to emerging, empower fans to help get them there and provide the music industry with the next wave of emerging bands. By joining the Supernova.com social network and uploading their music and video, bands can easily find new listeners and gain limitless exposure…”

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