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Shopiece.com – Social Catalog for Styles and Fashion

Shopience.com lets you organize and share all the amazing products you shop for on your favorite stores. People use it to share, find & plan their shopping. You can browse lists created by other people. Browsing lists is a fun way to discover new stores, styles and get inspired for your next look.

Venture Slogan: Social Catalog for Styles and Fashion

Venture Link: shopience.com

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Plurchase – Enrich your online buy experience



Plurchase is a solution which helps you buy in your shop merchant site with the help of your friends. With Plurchase you can interact with others when you are buying online. It´s like a social network but only for buying. It´s an interesting idea to improve your buy experience.

Venture Slogan: Shop with friends.

Plurchase’s own description: “…Plurchase lets you shop at your favorite stores with your friends…”

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