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Fashionhelps.com – Network of Fashion People

FashionHeps.com is a community of fashion professionals and fashion enthusiasts/fashion addicts. It is a community of seasoned fashion professional as well as amateur designer. It’s neighborhood for people who specializes in fashion industry or people who wants to keep an eye on the fashion trends, buzz, news and whatnot.

Not every designer has the great deal of connection to exhibit their work or projects in a gallery. There are lot of individuals who massive amount of creativity but without the platform to show their work they are fading out. We tried to create a bridge between fashion designers, bloggers, photographers, Models, Stylists who will help each other, exhibit their work, share invaluable information and provide guidance to build a better fashion community all over the world.

FashionHeps.com is a platform for showcasing the works of fashion professionals. Because of its diversity among designers (which is you by the way) around the globe uploaded works are unique or uncommon to mainstream industry.

Venture Slogan: Network of Fashion People.

Venture Link: fashionhelps.com

Sourece: Venturebin.com

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MyFashionPlate – The fashion community



MyFashionPlate is a web based community focused on fashion. You can manage your wardrobe and consult an online personal stylist to outfit assessments, customize outfit creations, and personal shopping. With MyFashionPlate Keep up to date in fashion. Create a virtual closet, plan and track outfits, manage your spending and your favorite pieces.

Venture Slogan: Maximize your wardrobe.

MyFashionPlate’s own description: “…You can maximize your wardrobe at My Fashion Plate, a Web-based fashion community, wardrobe management and personal stylist site dedicated to fashion-forward women and men. Create a virtual closet, plan and track outfits, manage your spending and your favorite pieces…”

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