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Geekatoo.com – Save on local Tech Help

Geekatoo.com is where potential clients post their tech problems and have knowledgeable tech providers bidding on how much it will cost to fix. Clients will be judging the bid by estimating cost and knowing the tech provider skills. When clients are choosing between Geeks, the Geek with the highest geektitude score will have a “Geekatoo Recommends!” around their bid and be prominently displayed against their competition. In other words, it pays to have a higher geektitude score. Geeks can change their bids in order to outbid other geeks, which helps give the client a fair market value for work they need performed. The result is that clients choose a geek and price that makes them happy, and geeks like you develop a visible record of accomplishment that increases your business.

Venture Slogan: Send all your Love in a Box

Venture Link: geekatoo.com

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