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Nomaine – The domain name generator


Nomaine is an interesting tool that creates random pronounceable domain names. It´s a service that helps you find your next domain name for your new project. Also, Nomaine tells you whether mane is avaliable or not.

Venture Slogan: Themed domain name generator.

Nomaine’s own description: “…Nomaine is a fun and simple themed domain name generator. After analysis, word parts from lists are rearranged to create random pronounceable names…”
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Ajaxdom – Domain search availability



Ajaxdom is a simple web application that helps you find domain availability. Just enter the site and search for the availability of a domain for are looking for. Simple and easy tool to keep in mind.

Venture Slogan: Fastest like a ninja!

Ajaxdom’s own description: “…Ajaxdom is a fastest ajax domain search. Check availability and register your domain names in seconds…”

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