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Blungr – Simple Domain Name Generator

 The Domain Name Generator

Simple Domain Name Generator

Blungr came to existence because of need to come up with names for our projects. Nowadays situation on a domain market indicates that it’s now very hard to find a name for a domain which represents a company or a project. Last trends shows that the names are often short and simple. By-and-by we created simple algorithm which mixes words giving us names for our projects. The algorithm is still being developed so the generated submissions are more adequate to user’s requirements. Apart from developing the algorithm we are working on new functions which will make searching for desired domain easier.

Web venture Slogan: Simple Domain Name Generator.

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Nomaine – The domain name generator


Nomaine is an interesting tool that creates random pronounceable domain names. It´s a service that helps you find your next domain name for your new project. Also, Nomaine tells you whether mane is avaliable or not.

Venture Slogan: Themed domain name generator.

Nomaine’s own description: “…Nomaine is a fun and simple themed domain name generator. After analysis, word parts from lists are rearranged to create random pronounceable names…”
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