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Visiblehealth.com – Clinician-Patient Communication

VisibleHealth.com creates products to help clinicians efficiently and clearly communicate and share complex information about medical conditions and procedures, improving engagement and retention, and making the most of valuable time together.

VisibleHealth.com is connecting patients and clinicians for simple, private creation, discovery and sharing of relevant, useful care information. We are creating mobile and web applications that help patients better understand their medical conditions and treatment options by working in direct collaboration with physicians and other care providers.

Venture Slogan: Clinician-Patient Communication

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Boxfish.com – Search Every Word Spoken on Television in Real-Time

Boxfish.com captures every word spoken on television, as it happens. Boxfish.com process the data in real-time and we use it as a new layer of discovery for tv. Boxfish.com is transforming television from a passive entertainment medium into a truly dynamic source of real-time information – on any platform.

Venture Slogan: Search Every Word Spoken on Television in Real-Time

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