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App.net – Real-Time Social Feed Without the Ads

App.net is a different kind of social platform. App.net is a real-time social service where users and developers come first, not advertisers. App.net believes that advertising-supported social services are so consistently and inextricably at odds with the interests of users and developers that something must be done.

As a member, you’ll have a new social graph and real-time feed that you access from an App.net mobile application or website. At first, the user experience will be very similar to what Twitter was like before it turned into a media company.

Venture Slogan: Real-Time Social Feed Without the Ads

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Citygrid.com – Powers Local Online Advertising For One Million Businesses

CityGrid.com is the local advertising platform that works for everyone. The only way to be truly successful in local is to provide an open platform that is built on equitable partnership and creates a healthy competitive environment for everyone. Citygrid.com gives to mobile App Developers the ability to deliver consumers a great local experience on-the-go and make money when they show the right ads and to Websites the tools and the ads to deliver a great local experience to their consumers and be fairly compensated for the value they drive.

Venture Slogan: Powers Local Online Advertising For One Million Businesses

Venture Link: citygrid.com

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