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BubbleIdeas – Let´s Share Ideas

let's share ideas

let's share ideas

BubbleIdeas is a solution for people who want to listen to new ideas and feedback. With BubbleIdeas you can create a forum which can sort ideas based on votes from de community and users.

Venture Slogan: Start Listening Online in 5 Minutes.

BubbleIdeas’s own description: “…BubbleIdeas lets you set up an ideation forum for people instantly; a forum which can automatically sort ideas based on votes and opinions given by users. It can populate trends & priorities to understand and respond according to the common needs of people (for e.g. community of customers discussing a product?)…”

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Twextra – Use More than 140 Characters

use more than 140 characters

use more than 140 caracters

Twextra is a solution then you need to use more than 140 characters on Twitter or Linkedin. With Twextra you can create messages of up to 100,000. characters with rich text. Also, you can traslate your message into many languages.

Venture Slogan: When You Need More Than 140 Characters.

Twextra’s own description: “…Ever wish you could write a message longer than 140 characters on Twitter or Linkedin? Well, that’s exactly what Twextra enables, plus much more. Take a look at Twextra’s features: Super-size – With Twextra you can create huge messages of up to 100,000 characters. Rich-text – Create messages with formatting such as bold, italic, underline, colored-text, etc Language translation – Readers of your messages can translate your message into many other languages. This is great for when your readers span multiple countries…” Continue reading

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