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Docraptor.com – Simple HTML to PDF and Excel conversion

DocRaptor.com is a SaaS application that converts HTML to PDF or Excel format. Built using Prince XML, DocRaptor generates high-quality documents using simple HTTP POST requests.

DocRaptor.com fully supports CSS styling, allowing users to create easily customized PDF and Excel files within their own web applications. DocRaptor.com eliminates tedious coding, allowing you to create beautiful, fully functioning PDF and XLS documents from simple HTML. Make an HTTP POST request to our API and get your document in a matter of seconds.

Using DocRaptor.com to convert HTML to PDF and XLS requires minimal configuration, with no need to install new software or use a specific operating system or framework. Our API is easy to integrate with your application, and we provide full documentation to get you started.

Venture Slogan: Simple HTML to PDF and Excel conversion

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Divineproject – The wordpress template creator

divine project

divine project

Divineproject is a great solution to develop wordpress templates from photoshop archives easily. With Divine Project, you can forget about too much coding, just select a photoshop file and start to create your own personal wordpress theme. Great and simple!.

Venture Slogan: Divine.

Divineproject’s own description: “…How did the idea come to us? Well, we were just getting too much bored by the routinous HTML coding, as this process quickly and utterly destroys the inspiration and pleasure of truly artistic creation. Well, if you remember that frustration about having to code HTML+CSS (and validate it in all browsers!) after the final brushstrokes are laid onto your beautiful design, you’ll understand…”

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