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Saya.im – SMS is OldSkool

Saya.im is an SMS killer bringing smart-phone-like messaging to billions of low-end devices in emerging markets. Saya.im is a cross platform chat application cutting the cost of SMS by up to 1000 times. Unlike common chat applications, Saya.im works on low-end phones, enabling advanced functionality such as Facebook chat, group discussions, location-based chat, and exchange of multi-media.

Venture Slogan: SMS is OldSkool

Venture Link: saya.im

Source: Venturebin.com

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CodePorting.com – Code Porting and Migration in the Cloud


CodePorting.com allows migrating your .NET solutions, projects and files into Java in the cloud. You can easily port your C# code directly or import from popular version control repositories like GIT, Mercurial HG and SubVersion. CodePorting.com also allows you to download a Microsoft Visual Studio plugin and convert C# code in the real time without leaving the development environment.

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