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Animoto.com – Video Slideshow Maker with Music

Animoto.com is a video creation service (online and mobile) that makes it easy and fun for anyone to create and share extraordinary videos using their own pictures, video clips, words and music. Animoto.com was founded with the vision of inspiring people to share their lives through the magic and power of video. Simply to use; upload your pictures and video clips, choose your style, add words and music, and click the “produce video” button.

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Quoteroller.com – Create and Manage Proposals Online

Quoteroller.com is a web based software that helps to create, send, organize and track business proposals with ease. Impress your clients with beautiful proposals created in minutes. Super easy to use, Quoteroller.com saves you time and helps you to close deals faster. Using Quote Roller you will find that routine proposals creation is actually a fun and enjoyable process.

Quoteroller.com helps to automate and streamline the proposal creation process. Forget routine text copy-pasting in Word. With Quote Roller, you can save and reuse general information about your company, terms of service and other things you used to manually put in to proposals.

Quoteroller.com also comes with a friendly and intuitive drag & drop interface which features unlimited customization capabilities.

Venture Slogan: Create and Manage Proposals Online

Venture Link: quoteroller.com

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