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Allrecipes.com – Recipes and Cooking Confidence for Home Cooks Everywhere

Allrecipes.com is the perfect solution to find information about cooking times, measurements, conversions, common substitutions, and general Cooks. Yo can find how-tos: you can learn how to roast, deep fry, mold chocolate, cut up a whole chicken, and much more. Also, know everything about baking; from feeding your sourdough starter to cake decorating to perfecting your pie crusts, we have all the tips you need.

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Foodie.fm – The Cooking Assistant


Foodie.fm is a site that gives you advice about cooking and dishes. It´s a service that works like a personal cooking assistant. If you don´t know what to cook you can enter foodie.fm and get some ideas.

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Foodie.fm´s own description: “…Foodie.fm answer the question, “What I would buy today, the supermarket?”. Foodie.fm is a free personal cooking assistant, which facilitates people’s everyday lives and makes food purchase and preparation easier. Foodie learns and remembers the visit to the shop and taste and recommend suitable products for you just as well as dishes. This service will continue to develop their own user profile…”

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