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Visitorscafe.com – Socialize your Community

Visitorscafe.com enables sites owners to socialize their community while making more money since visitors spend more time on the site Visitorscafe.com is free and allows visitors on a site to connect with each other over video chat and discuss the content LIVE. Site owners can choose a small Talk Button which opens a new Visitorscafe.com window or seamlessly embed the full webcam widget on their site.

Visitorscafe.com enables you to socialize your content by allowing the members of your community to meet one another via video chat. By adding to the user experience, visitors are incited to not only visit your site more frequently, but also to remain on your site longer. In addition, by opening your VisitorsCafe application to that of similar sites, new visitors are automatically being lead to your site. This increases your site’s virality and potential for word-of-mouth marketing.

Venture Slogan: Socialize your Community

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