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Yournextcoach.com – Learn online – Train offline

YourNextCoach.com is the future of athletic training; online, and offline. Yournextcoach.com gives athletes the tools necessary to stay fit or take their game to the next level. Also, Yournextcoach.com developed tools for coaches to brand their practice and increase clientele. YourNextCoach.com will elevate your game. Get connected with the top private coaches.

Venture Slogan: Learn online – Train offline

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Agreedo.com – Meetings With Results

Agreedo.com helps you to get more out of your meetings – by allowing you to effectively capture all relevant information and to track the results.

Whether it’s a regular meeting, or an ad-hoc discussion, agreedo helps you easily capture all important issues like tasks, decisions, or just notes and to share them with all attendees. After the meeting, you can send out the minutes to all attendees. Agreedo helps you to track tasks and decisions, and to easily schedule and organize follow-up meetings.

Venture Slogan: Meetings With Results

Venture Link: agreedo.com

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