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Spudaroo – The professional material community



Spudaroo is a community aiming at helping you with your business or career materials. From business plans, to resumes, slide presentations to web content. If you need professional material you only need to post the need in due time and expected price. A community of professionals select the project and work for you.

Venture Slogan: All the professional material you or your business need to succeed!

Spudaroo┬┤s own description: “…Spudaroo.com connects talented experts with busy professionals and time strapped entrepreneurs needing business and career material. From business plans to resumes, slide presentations to web content. Experts compete to deliver on the clients schedule without the usual risk to the client of upfront payment with limited revisions. Experts benefit from working with clients that are engaged and focused on reaching a satisfying conclusion, resulting in a well defined, time efficient project with guaranteed payment…”

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