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Go Gas – The Gas Calculator

the gas calculator

the gas calculator

Go Gas tells you how much it costs to drive around.

Venture Slogan: Go Gas.

Go Gas’s own description: Go-gas.com is a simple, intuitive app that tells you how much a car trip would cost and lets you share the result. You could plot a route with a few mouse clicks or by typing in some addresses. The route can have multiple stops. No user is required. Continue reading
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Kanakku – The simple spreadsheet and calculator



Kanakku is a great online application that brings you a ready-to-use spreadsheet to do simple calculations. The most important thing with Kanakku is it simplicity. You only need to enter the site and you are ready to use it.

Venture Slogan: Free Spreadsheet Calculator.

Kanakku’s own description: “…kanakku is a free web 2.0 application that is a combination of a spreadsheet and a calculator. This application is designed to be used on either IE 7+ or Firefox (Safari seems to be compatible, but further testing is ongoing). All operating systems that use these browsers should be able to use this Website…”

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