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Rebuzzthis – The Re-Google Buzz button


Rebuzzthis is a simple service that adds a Google Buzz button to your website. You can easily pasteĀ  the Buzz button on your site to share your content. Rebuzzthis is like Tweetmeme but for Google Buzz.

Venture Slogan: ReBuzzThis.

Rebuzzthis’s own description: “…RebuzzThis is a brand new service that allows webmasters to create Google Buzz buttons that they can easily paste on their site. Every time a link/page is shared, it is added and counted on the front page. We just recently launched (3-5-10) and can’t wait to see where RebuzzThis takes us. Once the Buzz API enhances with read/write methods, we plan on making RebuzzThis even more accurate and more advanced…”
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