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Ribbon.co – Sell quickly and easily, anywhere

Ribbon.co makes selling physical and digital items as easy as copy/pasting a link. You can sell both digital & physical goods, as well as services. Users have sold t-shirts, tickets, invoices, music, art, images and more using Ribbon.co. For each sale, Ribbon.co takes a commission of 5% + 30ยข. Ribbon.co only charges you if you make a sale. There are no setup fees, monthly costs, or surprises. Your buyers can pay using their credit cards. Ribbon.co allow you to accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express, JCB, and Diner’s Club credit cards instantly.

Venture Slogan: Sell quickly and easily, anywhere

Venture Link: Ribbon.co

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Shook.co – The Open Auction-House

Shook.co lets you start an auction and have your friends and their social networks compete over it. Social networks today makes it easy to spread the word quickly to your friends. At Shook, you can spread the word out to your friends and find a buyer in just minutes.

Venture Slogan: Content Recommendations Readers Exchange

Venture Link: shook.co

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