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Novalet.com – A Social Blogging Network

Novalet.com is a new social blogging platform that brings the best of social networking to blogging enabling users to interact and communicate while staying up to date with each other’s publications.

It lets you connect with people who blog about topics that are similar to the ones you write about and helps you build more meaningful bonds with them.

After joining Novalet.com, you can start blogging straightaway as often as you like, follow your favourite blogs, comments on posts across the network, like or share them with your followers. You can also embed any type of rich media content easily, exchange private messages with your friends in the network, follow a tag that interests you, @mention or invite users, receive notifications, subscribe to RSS feeds and much more.

Venture Slogan: A Social Blogging Network

Venture Link: novalet.com

Source: Venturebin.com

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Silentale – Consolidate your communications



Silentale is an application that helps you consolidate your communications, conversations and contacts from different devices and platforms. Keep track of your comunications no matter in which platform you started it. Silentale consolidates your digital life (mail, social networks, mobile) and brings you the possibility of following all the conversations without feeling at a loss.

Venture Slogan: Connect your conversations.

SilentaleĀ“s own descrition: “..Consolidate your contacts and conversations from multiple platforms, including webmails, social networks and mobiles. Store it all in the Cloud and access it anytime, anywhere…”

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