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Wallcast.com – Bring Life to Your Wallpaper

Wallcast.com turn your desktop background into a personalized display of pictures from you, your family and your friends. Multiple times per day, your wallpaper will be refreshed to display a fresh collage of photos you like, stunningly presented on a beautiful background image of your choice. Wallcast.com allows your family and friends to send photos to your wallpaper – and you can send the latest photos you snapped to theirs. All that without privacy concerns: all uploaded pictures remain private, and only people you invite can send you new ones.

Venture Slogan: Bring Life to Your Wallpaper

Venture Link: wallcast.com

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Tweetscenes – Develop your professional Twitter profile



Tweetscenes is an interesting service to create your professional Twitter profile and background. You only need to send your logo and some design directions and in a few days  the Tweetscenes ´s Team will send you your brand new profile. It´s a simple service to rebuild your Twitter background showing a more professional profile.

Venture Slogan:
Tweet Scenes.

Tweetscenes’s own description: “…We know you’re serious about your business, your brand and your Twitter presence. So, doesn’t it make sense to be serious about your Twitter profile, too?. We take the guesswork out of things. Three business days and you’ve got a professional profile that matches the rest of your branding…”

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